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Fabulous Facebook Fan Pages
Millions of people are on Facebook on a daily basis and your business needs to be there, too! In this session you’ll learn the benefits of creating a business presence on Facebook. Discover how to encourage interaction, increase membership, and get more referrals to new business by making your Fan Page stand out using advanced techniques that get results.

Going Local: Using the Internet to Find Local Leads
As the Internet expands, our world gets smaller. If you want to reach more people in your own backyard, you’ve got to go online! In this session you’ll learn how to maximize your local exposure through regional Internet marketing techniques, local search engine optimization, and community based social media.  Learn exactly where, when and how to increase your local online presence in ways that lead to offline success!

Netiquette: Social Media Manners
Don’t be the schmuck at the party with his foot in his mouth! Social media manners can make or break your business. Come to this session to learn the do’s and don’ts, the why’s and why not’s of the new era of online marketing netiquette.  Stand above the crowd and learn how your business ethics and social graces will lead to increased rapport, trust and loyalty.

Getting Noticed by Online Media
Publicity and PR has changed over the years and no longer are the traditional ways of getting media attention working! Come to this session to learn the latest Internet techniques for having your business discovered by influential media personalities and the press.

Social Networking Sanity
It’s a fact that today, every business should have an online presence on the social networking platforms. They help your business connect with existing customers, allow you to engage in conversations about your industry and increase your expert status, and provide an affordable means of attracting new business through search engine marketing. Using social networks is also a powerful means of developing advocates for your business who will be a source of endless referrals. But as a busy solo-preneur, it is often difficult to find the time to add one more marketing task to your list of to-do’s, especially when the return isn’t often immediate or tangible.  In this session, you will learn where and how to effectively spend your time online to achieve social networking sanity!


  • The benefits and challenges of maintaining a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
  • How to create a laser-like focus on your specific market of ideal clients online through social networking.
  • The 3 social networking tasks every business owner can conduct in less than 30 minutes a day.
  • How to preload, schedule, integrate and monitor your online social networking tasks with ease.

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