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Karen Clark – Speaker Interview Questions

Interview Questions for the Media or Radio/Tele-class Guest Spots

Facebook Interview Questions:

  1. Why aren’t more people using Facebook for their businesses?
  2. What is the difference between a Facebook Profile and a Facebook Page?
  3. How can we leaverage the search engines using Facebook?
  4. You have a technique called Social Media CPR, what is that?
  5. How do I know what types of things to post?
  6. What about Facebook Groups? What can we use those for?
  7. Do you have any tips or tricks to help us be more effective on Facebook?
  8. It seems like every week Facebook changes in some way. What are the latest new features?
  9. Where do you think Facebook marketing is heading? What does the future hold in your opinion

General Social Media Interview Questions:

  1. Can you explain the differences between the major social media sites? (I associate them with real life social situations like Facebook is the BBQ, LinkedIn is the formal networking meeting, Twitter is a downtown cockail party etc.)
  2. Besides Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, which other sites do you find valuable for business? (Pinterest, YouTube, Google+)
  3. One of the obstacles to using social media for business is the reluctance to put so much time into something that may or may not pay off right away. How can we do this efficiently AND effectively? (I can share my time effectiveness strategy Social Media CPR – 3 things to do every day in 15 minutes)
  4. Is it ever a good idea to outsource our social media? If so, how can we get the best results? (Tips for retaining your voice/the BEing but delegating the DOing)
  5. One thing that keeps people from posting regularly in social media is that they can’t think of what to say. Do you have any tips on coming up with ideas of what to post? (Will share some prompt ideas plus talk about sharing others’ content or using Google reader to create a library to pull from)
  6. Some people are very concerned about security and privacy issues. How can we stay safe, and how can we keep our private lives separated from our business presence online? (tips for separating the two, and addressing privacy on the SM sites)
  7. How can you use social media to “advertise” your business without seeming to “advertise” your business? (I will share my 9-1-1 Code – about using mostly non-marketing posts to build trust)
  8. If someone’s business is strictly local, does it make sense to market on social media? (tips for optimizing your profiles and posts for local search)
  9. Speaking of the search engines, does social media help my google ranking? (will discuss the public SEO benefits)
  10. What are some lesser known tips or tricks people may not be aware of on social media? (Will share some ninja things!)

Interview Questions About Karen Clark:

  1. How did you get into this line of work?
  2. What do you feel separates you from all the other social media experts out there?
  3. How can we find out more about what you do, or get in touch with you?

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