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Social Media CPR – Social Media 911 – Keynote Presentation with Karen Clark

 Social Media 9-1-1 to the Rescue (a.k.a Social Media CPR)

Have you been drowning in social media? Or have you been afraid to even dip your toe in the water, for fear of being mostpopular100x44bluetalkbubbleoverwhelmed? Maybe you’ve gotten your gear ready but just don’t know what to DO with it to keep your head above water? In this presentation by Karen Clark, you will learn exactly where and how to effectively spend your time online to achieve lasting and meaningful relationships with your customers and prospects online. With the Karen’s 9-1-1 Code and her three step Social Media CPR system, you will get results you can feel good about!

  • Definitions and parallels between the major social media sites and “real life” and how to leverage them best
  • Social Media C.P.R. – the 3 most powerful steps every entrepreneur can take online in about 15 minutes each day
  • Karen’s 9-1-1 Code to determine what to post to be of service to and attract your ideal customers

Note to Meeting Planners:

This program is a great introductory keynote or breakout session. It covers the current “best practices” in social media marketing for the self-employed and I customize examples to your company or industry.This presentation can also be adapted for a specific social media platform such as

  • Facebook 911
  • Instagram CPR
  • Pinterest CPR
  • Blogging 911
  • Twitter CPR
  • And so on…

In the case of tailoring the presentation to a specific social network, strategies will then be customized for that platform based on current “best practices” recommended. The choice between 911 and CPR is determined by whether your emphasis is on coming up with examples of what to post (911) or how to spend less time while getting better results (CPR) though both are covered either way.

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