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Supporting Your Team by Using Technology

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Building and supporting a thriving direct sales or network marketing business can be a lot of work and yet is SO rewarding! Join us on this informative webinar to learn how affordable and effective technology tools can cut your costs, save you time, and create an engaged and loyal community on your team! We will explore various ways (including some real world examples!) to connect with your direct sales team, such as:

  • Social Media Discussion Groups
  • Holding Online Opportunity Meetings
  • Creating a Free Team Blog for Recognition and Training
  • Using MailChimp for a Free Team Newsletter
  • Holding Online Team Meetings Using a Free Webinar Service or Teleconference Line
  • Using Texting and Robocalls for Team Reminders
  • Creating and Displaying Training Videos
  • And more!

Please note that this is a recorded webinar/video, with audio coming from your computer. You must have speakers or a headset plugged into your computer to hear the audio portion.

What makes this training unique?

  1. Get the latest up-to-date information – live on the web. No PowerPoint slides!
  2. Learn from someone who uses this tool on a daily basis to connect with people and build her business.
  3. You will learn ALL you need – no upselling to get to the “real” course on these techniques.
  4. For those in direct sales, you will be learning from someone who gets your industry! Everything I teach can be used or easily adapted for you!
  5. You have lifetime access to the replay video and show notes/instructions, including any revisions as the tools/techniques evolve.
  6. With action steps and built in accountability – you’re more likely to DO it!
  7. NO SALES PITCH! You bought this webinar for the content, not to be pitched. It’s ALL training!

Support Your Team with Technology
Support Your Team with Technology
Recorded Webinar.
Price: $37.00
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That was the single most exciting webinar I have attended!
I am located in the middle of the beautiful State of Oregon with Representatives scattered across the state (3 – 5 hours away); and in North Dakota, Colorado and Tennessee. But I am looking to expand that!
I have asked myself time and time again…

  • “How do I expand my business outside of a mountain locked area with a tri-county population of only 125,000 and an extremely weak economy?”
  • “How do I stand apart with the contacts I have met at our multiple tourist events and keep them coming back to me even though they are not from this geographical area?”
  • “How do I recruit from afar?”
  • “How do I keep the personal in my personal relationships with my valuable Reps?”
  • “How do I get them to read their email?”

It’s a lot to absorb, but I’m up to the challenge and can’t wait to put it into motion. I have an exciting challenge for them and am starting with the MailChimp email today. I use MailChimp for newsletters but wasn’t familiar with the email function. And I love being able to know if they actually opened it! I am so excited to bring these tips and tools into my business!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Karen!!!

Cathy Hendricks
MICHE, Founding Leader
Independent Sales Representative

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