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The Secret Social Media Strategy for Home Party Success

Home Party Success with Social Media

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If you listen to the rumors out there, you would think that home parties are “on their way out” but this is NOT TRUE. In fact, during the latest economic recession, sales and sponsoring increased for many of the top home party companies. The home party representatives whose businesses are thriving are those who have been able to integrate social media alongside traditional direct sales methods.

Would you like to:

  • Increase Attendance
  • Increase Outside Orders
  • Increase Party Orders
  • Increase New Bookings
  • Increase Sponsoring Leads

All can be yours when you join Karen Clark, a 12 year veteran direct selling leader, as she shares a secret success strategy that will pump up your parties! More guests, higher sales, fabulous leads from every single party – it’s all yours when you implement this social media secret!

In this one hour webinar, Karen will outline exactly which social media steps to take, integrated with your existing hostess coaching and party demonstration, that will lead to maximum results. After completing this webinar you will receive sample verbiage to use in your invitations, reminder emails, and texts to hosts and guests before, during and after your parties. You will learn a unique technique that combines traditional high-touch party techniques with new high-tech tactics to bring you more business and more fun!

Purchase the recorded webinar below.  You will receive at least ONE Action Step to commit to when the webinar is through, and a link to supporting materials.

What makes this training unique?

  1. Get the latest up-to-date information – live on the web. No PowerPoint slides!
  2. Learn from someone who uses this tool on a daily basis to connect with people and build her business.
  3. You will learn ALL you need – no upselling to get to the “real” course on these techniques.
  4. For those in direct sales, you will be learning from someone who gets your industry! Everything I teach can be used or easily adapted for you!
  5. You have lifetime access to the replay video and show notes/instructions, including any revisions as the tools/techniques evolve.
  6. With action steps and built in accountability – you’re more likely to DO it!
  7. NO SALES PITCH! You bought this webinar for the content, not to be pitched. It’s ALL training!

In Home Party Success Using Facebook Events
Direct sellers, learn how to leverage social media for for home party success. This is not a "Facebook Party" training but does explain how you and your hostess can use personal Facebook Events for driving attendance at your In Home Parties.
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