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Pick My Brain

Pick My Brain - Karen Clark Answers Social Media QuestionsI love helping people. I love answering questions, and I love finding solutions to social media and Internet marketing challenges.

I love it so much that I’d do it all day for free and sometimes I have to pinch myself at the thought of people actually paying me to do this! However, this is my full time business and when I spend too much time helping, and not enough time “working” for a living, I find myself feeling resentful, and my bank account short!

I have come to find it necessary to be more selective in how I spend my time and this is not in any way to be disrespectful of those who truly value my time and expertise but it is more to make – and keep – my family time a priority. I know many of you understand this. We get so passionate about what we do that we over-do it at a cost. So when someone asks if they can pick my brain, take me to coffee to get to know me, or give me a call with a few questions, I have had to resist my urge to say “yes” every time, and instead decide how I can best serve you, and serve my family.

Here are some ways I am available to you for brain-picking! I hope one of them will work for you. If not, please email me and if I can I will help!

  • Search Facebook: Within the social network is a powerful search function that allows you to find status updates, links, videos and other posts by anyone or any business. Simply search for the topic you are interested in, preceded by the words “Posts by My Business Presence about…” and you will likely find something I’ve written or shared on the topic!
  • Search My Site: I have many blog posts and other materials right here on my site for you to peruse. Simply find the “Search for:” box at the very bottom right. It is kind of hidden down there but very powerful! When you get results be sure to click the title to get to the full article.
  • Sign Up for My Newsletters: I have two regular newsletters, one for a corporate direct selling audience, and one for general entrepreneurs and independent direct sellers. My intention is to send them on a regular basis and within the content you will find articles, posts and links to important information. You can also search the archives to find something from the past.
  • Purchase a Product or Webinar: I have audio CDs, DVDs, books and recorded webinars or courses that will train you on a multitude of topics around social media and Internet marketing. Along with  most of them come printable materials as well!
  • Join my Karen on Call Group: Karen on Call is a program that includes a monthly open Q/A call plus a private social media forum where members can get their questions answered any time. At only $10/month this is the most affordable way to pick my brain!
  • Book or Refer Me as a Speaker:  If your organization or company has the same questions you do, why not bring me in to train your group? I currently offer live keynoting and workshops, and virtual training through webinars and teleclasses.
  • Hire Me as a Consultant or for Individual Training:  I enjoy working with both companies and individuals on either an hourly or monthly retainer basis. Contact Me to explore the options so that we can explore a program that works for us both.

Use My Email Contact Form! If you still aren’t sure how to proceed, go ahead and use my Contact Me form and I will respond by email with the best next step. No problem!

Thanks for understanding and discovering the best way to pick my brain so I can help you best in the time I have! I appreciate you choosing me to reach out to!

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