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Fabulous Facebook for Business – Attract, Engage and Enroll – Keynote Presentation with Karen Clark

Millions of people are on Facebook on a daily basis and your business can have a powerful presence there, too! But how can you identify which features to use and when? In this session you’ll learn the benefits of creating an effective presence on Facebook and techniques to maintain it in 10 to 15 minutes per day – so you have time to work on your “real life” business as well!  Stand out on Facebook by learning exactly what to do in order to achieve the greatest effect for your time.


  • The differences between Profiles, Groups and Pages on Facebook
  • How to increase your customer base and prospects using powerful Facebook moves
  • How to get more referrals to new business using the social nature of Facebook
  • The latest tips and tricks for being the most effective on Facebook

Note to Meeting Planners:

This program helps your representatives learn how-to’s as well as current best practices on Facebook. I can customize the focus to emphasize the importance of using a dedicated business Page, or if more appropriate, how to leverage a personal Facebook profile in conjunction with a Facebook Group.

I can also incorporate examples and suggestions based on your specific industry or interests of the audience, if known.

If time allows, this presentation can be delivered in 90 minute to 3 hour workshop format, 1 hour breakout session, or introductory keynote presentation.

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